Limiting Scope of Practice in GP: A Philosophical Dilemma

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Nomadic GP

Most GPs I know pride themselves on being true generalists, and have gravitated towards this area of medicine because they enjoy the challenge and variety that comes with the territory. They also tend to value holistic, patient-centered care and the satisfaction that comes with long term doctor-patient relationships.  

Inevitalby, though, each GP has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their clinical expertise. For me personally, I’m very confident with women’s health, pretty good with infants and neonates, comfortable with suturing and minor procedures, but much less assured when it comes to men’s reproductive health, elderly patients with complex mutli-comorbiditiy, and skin cancer checks, for example. 

I’m not overly concerned by this, and nor should my patients be. I feel that I’ve got enough of a grasp of the basics that I can at least make the first steps towards investigating and managing pretty much any presenting complaint, and am happy to do some…

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Ooooh, Vitamin D

Your Health Comes First.

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by lmaresz, CC0 by lmaresz, CC0

Now I don’t know if this song is a real thing, or just something my mother used to sing to me as a child in the 1980s. But it would go ‘ooooh, Vitamin D, Vitamin D’. I assume it was about how good Vitamin D was for you, maybe there was a line about going out into the sun? But it might well have been a song about sliced bread or falling in love that my mother changed the words to one day and they stayed changed. This happens a lot in my family. 

Anyway, this is a post about mens sana in corpore sano. That is, this is a blog about academic writing, which happens in the mind; but our minds function in our brains, which are organs, that are located in our bodies.

So, I’ve been sick for ever, it seems. (I wrote about…

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Photo Challenge: Kick Kim Kardashian’s Selfish Butt with Your Fantabulous Selfie

American Storyteller, Catherine Hamrick, on Selfies.
14 August 2014

Random Storyteller

Kim_Kardashian_2010Last night Bravo TV host Andy Cohen knelt in a selfie homage to Kardashian’s derrière.

The trailblazer of the “selfie movement,” Kardashian now sets her sights beyond Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to print. Her book, aptly named Selfish, practices the “art” of clicking personal self-photos—hence a highly questionable aesthetic tome with airbrush geniuses on call.

The countdown is on! Kim Kardashian's selfie "Selfish" tome hits bookstores on April 7, 2015. Sales projections? Good question: Kardashian-obsessed fans are too busy Googling and ogling for free. The countdown is on! Kim Kardashian’s selfie “Selfish” tome hits bookstores on April 7, 2015. Sales projections? Good question: Kardashian-obsessed fans will be too busy Googling and ogling for free.

Mark your calendars! The photo-finish pub date is April 7, 2015, as announced by Universe, the pop-culture imprint of Rizzoli. Billed as a “hardcover coffee table book,” its trim size is 5 x 7 inches, hardly worthy of a diminutive side table.

What “never-before-seen” bod parts will Kardashian flash?

Has this world gone celeb ass-backwards?

My hair designer has never heard of the late…

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Wonderful Wednesday: Hot Spots

A Refreshing work of poetry.

Random Storyteller


by John Clare

Now swarthy Summer, by rude health embrowned,

Precedence takes of rosy fingered Spring;

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd laughing Joy, with wild flowers prank’d, and crown’d,

A wild and giddy thing,

And Health robust, from every care unbound,

Come on the zephyr’s wing,

And cheer the toiling clown.

Happy as holiday-enjoying face,

Loud tongued, and “merry as a marriage bell,”

Thy lightsome step sheds joy in every place;


And where the troubled dwell,

Thy witching charms wean them of half their cares;

And from thy sunny spell,

They greet joy unawares.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen with thy sultry locks all loose and rude,

And mantle laced with gems of garish light,

Come as of wont; for I would fain intrude,

And in the world’s despite,

Share the rude wealth that thy own heart beguiles;

If haply so I might

Win pleasure from thy smiles.


Taking snaps of summer in Coker Arboretum (The…

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Freedom Summer: Sing Till the Spirit Moves in My Heart

America has come a long way!

Random Storyteller

Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, Michael Schwermer Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, Michael Schwermer

On August 4, 1964, the FBI unearthed the bodies of Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, and Michael Schwermer, buried 15 feet under a red clay dam. They were part of the Freedom Summer project to register blacks to vote in Mississippi.

On June 21, they had driven to Philadelphia, Neshoba County, to investigate the burning of Mount Zion Methodist Church. Deputy Sheriff Cecil Price arrested them for allegedly driving over the 30-mile speed limit. He hauled the three activists to the Neshoba County jail, booking Chaney for speeding and putting Shwermer and Goodman “under investigation.”cropped Burning-cross2_pe

Chaney paid the fine. After release, they were ordered to leave the county. Price followed them to the county line, and the trio headed to Meridian. Two carloads of KKK members stopped and murdered them on an isolated rural road.

X-rays immediately taken of the bodies were later destroyed. However…

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Effective Signposting

You can’t over signpost your argument.

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Via andrewinmelbourne Via andrewinmelbourne

I’ve often said in talking to candidates and students and researchers I work with, “You can’t over signpost”. But I’ve found that isn’t clear enough, and they come back with terrible writing that is boring and repetetive, but has lots of signposting in it.

After a few of these crossed my desk, and I was trying to explain what they were doing wrong, I had an ‘ahah’ moment. When they were writing, they were doing exactly what I told them to do. 

So what you need to do here, I would say, is to write “in this chapter, I will discuss X, you know, this part of my overall scope. Then you’ll explain your argument in some steps, perhaps include a description of your methodology here. Then give me the conclusion and its implications.”

So of course, what I’d get is:

In this chapter, I will discuss…

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