Dr Mustapha Tahir: New Words in Oxford English Dictionary.
14 August 2014
Dr Mustapha Tahir.


Oxford Dictionaries, the arm of the Oxford family that focuses on current English, announced on Wednesday that they’ve added the latest batch of words to their ranks. Put into haiku form, reflections of humanity in 2014 could easily look something like this:

Bro hug. Amazeballs.

Hyperconnected hot mess.


Or this:

Side boob. Cray clickbait.

Second screen. Live-tweet. Throw shade.


Yes, each of those is a new entry in Oxford’s online database that collects modern uses of words. And that’s just a small sample of the many adorbs (adj., arousing great delight) additions.

For all those who are ready to set their quills to parchment and declare the end of the English language, now that such frivolous terms are getting respect from Oxford, please keep in mind that this is not the Oxford English Dictionary. That arm of the family is more like the serious and…

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