A very vivid description of seasonal change by Storyteller

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400 px-Fall_colors_from_the_Blue_Ridge_Parkway_just_south_of_AshvilleThere is something holy about Appalachia.  On “the third day,” God separated the land from the seas.  I imagine his fist crashing into the ground to create the Grand Canyon. But for our southern mountains, he pressed his thumbprint into hollows to push up the peaks.

In summer, the chain rolls green, purple, and blue, misting mysteriously in the distance. As warm weather gives way to cool days, tree canopies flame crimson, copper, gold, and yellow. Witness the glory by train.

Oil 400 px Fall Foliage Blog  Post_pe

Two scenic routes typically make the top 10. Hop aboard the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. From its historic depot in Blue Ridge, Georgia, the train winds its way to Copper Hill, Tennessee, and back. Blue Ridge is worth a linger; it’s the “antiques capital” of the Peach State.

warm Oil 400 H2O water tower_pe_peCatch a ride on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, which starts in the heart of Bryson City, North Carolina…

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