Pregnancy is a normal Physiological process. Why do we call pregnant women patients in hospitals?

Written Words Never Die

It is your body but motherhood is a joint decision. Don’t shock him with the news of your pregnancy, but present it as your (his and yours) long cherished dream come true.

You are pregnant – not sick. Take it up with hospitals and doctors who label you as a ‘patient’ instead of a ‘mother-to-be’ or ‘mother’.

Don’t bemoan the fact that you can’t wait to squeeze back into your tight jeans or whatever. Pregnancy is not a burden; it’s a gift. Other than some sports and certain physical positions, life can and should continue as normal. Loving is great too – but you already know that (wink).

It’s okay to expect special treatment but don’t demand it – the baby is in you, it’s not you.

If you do lose your cool, forgive yourself – don’t beat and wreck yourself with guilt or anxiety. Your body is going through…

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