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SUN Nuremberg_chronicles_-_Sun_Dogs_(CCIIIv)_pe

The sun fingers and prickles me,

And the dock creaks gray,

Floating on algaed styrofoam.

A silvery leap spatters

This drowsy morning,

Now tail-thrashed alert.

Lightened 1024px-Winslow_Homer_-_Leaping_Trout_(1892)_pe

The trout flee weedbeds,

And sunken-log mysteries

For spring-fed depths.


My toes curve over the edge

Of wave-slapped wood,

And I dive,

In an arc,

Into their current,

Plunging below

Tepid-safe waters,

Mikhail Vedyokhin 1280px-Vad_lake._2007.03.14._Underwater

Desiring mute cool green

Until it presses

Hard on my breast,

And I push upward,

Bursting into white air,

Raining diamonds.

By iamharin, Drops Of Water From The Leaves Stock Photo


Leaping Trout by Winslow Homer

Underwater courtesy of Mikhail Vedyokhin

Drops of water courtesy of iamharin

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