A short piece of work full of lessons despite its brevity.

Written Words Never Die

Inspired by a haiku written by JannaTWrites > Nature – Haiku


Sorrel thrived in the city rubbish dump.

The kind woman, taking pity, uprooted and brought him home. She cleaned and trimmed, and removed the parasites that infested him. She placed Sorrel near the window, so that nourishing sunlight bathed him. Besides a clean soft bed, she fed him all sorts of nutrients which modern science had birthed.

However, after a week, Sorrel fell ill. He shrivelled and withered. No matter what the woman tried, Sorrel’s condition worsened.

Finally, he bent down in death.

“I wonder whether I should have simply left you in the rubbish dump,” whispered the woman, as she pulled out the dead plant and tossed it into a rubbish bin.


Sorrel – A boy’s name but also a vegetable, eaten in soups, sauces and salads.

Notice, how some plants sprout spontaneously in the wild. Yet…

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