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Musicians_and_dancers_on_fresco_at_Tomb_of_NebamunWell, folks, I thought I was done with my Kimye blog post romp. Not so.

This morning I scanned The Huffington Post and spotted this morsel by Stephanie Marcus: “The Mirror reports that the 36-year-old rapper commissioned street artist Bambi . . . to paint a topless portrait of his new wife wearing just a G-string and Louboutin heels. It’s titled Perfect Bitch.”


I found this amusing because these celebs are obsessed with admiring themselves in mirrors, and the Mirror faithfully follows them. This outlet is the online version of Brit pub The Daily Mirror, whose tagline was “intelligent tabloid” until the Trading Standards Agency ruled that they must remove it (January 2014).

level correct 286px-Venus_de_Milo_Louvre_Ma399_n4_peYears ago, The Daily Mirror sacked editor Piers Morgan, recently dumped by CNN. Go figure.

The man is such a skilled, wily interviewer. Piers asked every guest this piercing question: “Have you ever been properly…

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