Update: GPs face criminal charges for ‘wilful neglect’ | Letter | Pulse Today.

The proposals being advanced by the Government, in the above link, is unworkable and a further example of the current regime’s  anti-physicians attitude.

Doctors are already over regulated in the UK, forcing many to practice defensive medicine. There are so many regulators in the UK: The General Medical Council, GMC, The Care Quality Commission, CQC, The Health and Safety Executives, HSE, The Medical Practitioner Tribunal services, MPTS etc etc

I am all for bad Doctors being appropriately punished. That is why we have the annual appraisals and a licence Revalidation every five years. Doctors should be allowed to look more after their Patients, rather than being forced into defensive medical practice. Little wonder so many UK Physicians are emigrating  to Canada and Australia, or prematurely retiring. I sincerely hope common sense will prevail when these proposals reach Parliament in form of a bill. That bill should be thrown out at first reading in my opinion.

Dr Mustapha Tahir

14 May 2014.